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We boldly create novel and elegant CRISPR solutions to make a positive and profound impact on human health.

What if you could

target any gene?

What if you

eliminated off-target effects?

What if you took

a disease first approach?

Directing the Evolution of Genome Editing

From the very start we knew that CRISPR had the potential to cure the most complex genetic diseases, but limitations of the original CRISPR-Cas9 system prevented this vision from being fully realized. So we flipped the CRISPR script to first understand each genetic disease and then devise an optimal editing strategy. At EmendoBio, we’ve brought together a world class multifaceted team to evolve traditional CRISPR tools and create entirely new nucleases customized to any genetic disease.

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Fearless in pursuit

We come to work knowing every challenge we face can be overcome. Whether we go around it, over or under it, or straight through it, we find a way. Then, and only then, will we fully unlock the true potential of CRISPR.

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Create the science. Characterize the disease. Customize the approach.

Every genetic disease is unique, every genetic medicine should be too. We know that a handful of traditional CRISPR nucleases can not solve every disease challenge. Our gene editing technology platform optimizes nucleases and guide-RNAs for each disease to achieve the required editing needed to target any gene, while maintaining high activity and eliminating off-target effects.

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